Monday, March 18, 2013

March 8, 2013 FB post

Update: It has been a long and tearful day for CP - I am just finally resting. I am thanking all of you from the bottom of my heart for your comments and support and calls. I had no idea I had so many friends. I love FB for this. It really helps me to know so many care.

I spent the day being proactive. Special, special thanks to my friend Tracy Squire for staying with me and running all over town.

First things first! I was out of my favorite moisturizer and had to go to Barneys to replenish ;-) - I started making calls and getting referrals in an effort to get on board with an oncologist in Santa Monica and who will give me sedation for the bone marrow biopsy. I have had several of these and even with Versed, you know it hurts like hell, you just forget most of it. I dug out my fighting gloves and ready to go. This is just another bump in my road - most of you know I also had breast cancer in 1989 and double mast - so i have had silicone implants - my doctor feels they may be a cause of MM - so I am looking into having them out and getting saline (cycling boobs) that means a B cup, maybe - lol

This weight loss should improve my climbing by leaps and bounds, right?

I got aggressive and pushed my way to a new doctor today who was very helpful and got me referrals asap - she gave me her email and said she will do all she can to help me. Dr. Berenson says we need to see what the bone marrow biopsy shows to know about treatment, etc - I am optimistic, so keep on praying, please ;-) Being proactive is the key and it's a lot of work. Xrays never showed anything wrong in my left femur, and by time they did the MRI, it was too late and it broke. I am now having pain in right hip that happened in Georgia while running.

I will be riding this weekend, just a little easier until we find out what's going on - do i need bones to ride my bike?

With all the love and support I have, I will get through this and plan to stil get my Leadville buckle. Don't worry you fast riders, I am only going after the small buckle ;-) -

I am going to get back to my life as usual and wait for appt next week (i hope) for the BMP - I am grateful for my family and friends - Don't be taking my QOMs - I am not going very far!

I just got my new G2Bike kit and looking forward to wearing it tomorrow!

Love -

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