Friday, August 31, 2012

Decker WL and Potrero by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

Decker WL and Potrero by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

Started off this morning at the top of Rock Store - rode down so we could ride back up.  From there we drove somewhere to ride Decker Westlake, then drove another "somewhere" to climb Protrero -  so that's three of the SMMT climbs today.
I have two more nasty climbs left:  Yerba Buena and Corral - foot a little sore today.
I took the road bike in to Monte at Helen's for a fit - see if it's better.   He suggested a zero setback seat post and a longer stem - there went another 300.00 ;-)

My RDO Niner is pretty much finished.  They need to cut the bars and then I car see how I can race a 29er hardtail!  It's beautiful!   I now have "Easier than Cancer"  stem caps on all my bikes - very cool!

Thank you, Lydia, for keeping the office together today, and Tracy and Petra! I worked the last three days - and three days without riding makes me cranky!
Just ask Lydia (my office manager) ;-)

My legs are pretty tired and I am pretty tired.  But the plan (unless I am wiped out in the morning) is Yerba - I have never ridden it, but I think it is about 2000 feet and 8 to 9 miles.

Looking forward to finishing the next two climbs and I will have climbed a total of 30 Santa Monica tough climbs!  15 Road and 15 Mountain!!!!!!!!!!
And i am too tired to proof this post, so good luck, if you read it.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Piuma; Fernwood; Stunt - by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

Piuma; Fernwood; Stunt - by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details
                                 Top of Stunt - 3 climbs 8-25-12 Saturday
                                        40 Miles and 5900 feet of climbing

I have five climbs to go to complete the SMMT Challenge.  If you want to check it out, go to

Yesterday was pretty tough - My plan was to rest today, but for some reason I deciding to jump on my singlespeed and had up Westridge, standing up most of the climb and very warm at 12:15.  What was I thinking?  It's Sunday!  Tomorrow the plan is to ride up Corral - we'll see.   My legs feel thrashed!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mulholland & Top of the World by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

Mulholland & Top of the World by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

Left PCH and Mulholland about 8:30 this morning.  What a beautiful climb that is - nicely paved road and shade and gradual climb.   This segment ends at Little Sycamore and that climb was familiar because it's where I would usually do my intervals training for Counting Coup.  But this road on a road bike was pretty rough coming down - the road is in terrible shape.  I nearly went over the bars twice on big bumps, grabbing too much front brake - I have very little experience on road bike and much more comfortable on the mountain bike! - Eight more road climbs to go.   Not much time for recovery, just a lot of climbing.  My foot (Jones Fracture) is pretty sore - I am sure it's just from so much pressure on an injury and it will be fine.
I had a beautiful day with two climbs, dinner and a meeting! Thank you, God for my life, my family, my friends and my health!
                                      Mulholland - check
                                    Top of The World - check

Monday, August 20, 2012

Las Flores - 1st time up and down - ouch by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

Las Flores - 1st time up and down - ouch by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

My first time climbing this baby- it was a tough one - I really need to go do it faster.  My legs are clearly not recovered from Saturday Decker and Deer Creek climb.   I have 10 more to go!

Come on friends and family, cheer me on, will ya?  Check out the SMMT Challenge to see what I am up to.
Not the exact link, but you will find it on google.

Depo all day tomorrow and hope to accomplish Top of the World and Mulholland on Wednesday -

A nice way to celebrate such an awesome date for me! August 22, 23 - Love and miss you, Mother !

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saturday - August 18, 2012 Decker & Deer Creek climb

Yesterday was a brutally hot day, so picking a few climbs off PCH seemed the smartest thing to do.  My goal was two climbs to check off the SMMT climbing challenge (road climbs left now) -

I met Doug at 8:30 (should have started earlier) at Decker and PCH.  We climbed up Decker and came back down.   Drive my car five miles down PCH to Deer Creek - now this is a hard climb - it was so steep in places I was not sure what to do?  Can I turn this next revolution or fall over? - This took some deep breathing and all my personal little sayings to myself, over and over!
My heart rate was 180 plus for over two miles up!  (so hot on a steep climb with no breez)
And that trail was more scary coming down than any mt bike descent! (well, not any, but...) -
I am not used to a road bike with skinny tires on rocky steam roads with super sharp switch backs, so speed was not an issue here.  My hands were nearly cramped closed when I finished from braking all the way down.
Bottom line:  I did em! lol

Climbed 2850 feet in six miles - ouch!  Okay, I have 11 more of those steep road climbs to finish and I hope to be the only woman to complete all 30 climbs!

No, I don't get anything, but kudos, and my own satisfaction that "I DID IT" -
And it's all for me anyway!
I am not a roadie - I am MTB gal - but I want to win the whole challenge - so pray for some cooler weather!!!  In the meantime, I working on the tree trunk legs I always wanted! lol

BTW, Doug - how much total climbing is it for all 30 climbs?

Thanks for reading this far, if you did!
And the call is still out on the handle:

Honey Badger

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Space Mountain & Rosewood climbs - 1900 feet and over 100 degrees

I thought by leaving at 7:00 a.m. and riding at 8:00, we might beat the heat, but it was still tough climbing.   Derek and I met Douglas at Los Robles trail head and I just wanted to get these two climbs checked off.  I am not familiar with these trails and lots of steep switchbacks.  I was surprised I made all the climbs, but did not have such luck on the hairpin downhill suckers!  Tired legs and staying up every night watching the Olympics is not helping with sleep!  Go USA!
As Doug said, we were all hot, but nobody quit!  I whined a bit, but I did not quit! lol

Once I start repeating to myself "easier than cancer"  --- "because I can"
"I can do this" - sure beats sticking needles of Interferon in my legs three days a week for five years to battle cancer - once my legs could not take it anymore, I had to switch to the shots in my stomach.   I decided to stop that after five years because long-term use was playing havoc with my memory.  

And since my femur broke and I made the decision to stop taking IV Zometa, I am officially not only cancer free, but drug free.   It still rattles me at times and a little hard to  believe that I am on no medication, no maintenance this or that.  No needles!
No pain!   Unless you count these dang steep mountains I keep trying to climb faster and faster!  Now this pain is fun!  This pain reminds me that I am alive and how important and fun it is to exercise.

I love Strava and the support I get there.   Thanks to Mr. Garmin for showing me all the segments.  I have two more unfamiliar climbs to attack at Cheseboro and I will have 15 QOMs and be the only woman to date to do any of the mtb climbs and all 15 in the Strava Challenge for Santa Monica Mountains.
Okay, I hate to brag, but don't thing these brutal climbs have been easy - guess that's why they are called climbs.   But my quads and legs are burning every day!
Thanks, Lou, for giving me the confidence!

So now I need to decide if I can ride at 6:00 and knock off my last two climbs in the brutal heat at Cheseboro?  ???

Let you know tomorrow!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bulldog + Guadalasca + Backbone - one hot long day

Yesterday, Derek and I headed to Malibu to climb Bulldog.   It was fun and cool in the morning and a blast through the rock garden.   What a climb -Bulldog.  The last mile was very HOT.  My jersey was drenched! Thanks to bibs, I hung it out to dry.  We decided to drive to Sycamore and see if I could climb Backbone and Guadalasca.   I really did not think I could do all three of these climbs in one day.  The day ended up  about 28 plus miles and close to 4300 feet of climbing in total on a hot day.  The trails were perfect at Sycamore Canyon - no people - no snakes - just fun climbing!  Thanks, Derek for pushing me.  I never thought I would be able to climb Bulldog, let alone, followed with two more climbs in the same day -
Every night and every morning I thank God for my life, my family and friends. Don't give up, ever!  Keep moving, stay focused and stay study - Remember, it's easier than cancer.

                                             Bulldog 3.5 miles 1700 feet
Bulldog near the top ( climb 1)

                                           Backbone - Sycamore Canyon
                                   Backbone with an awesome background (climb 3)
                                             Top of Guadelasco (Climb 2)
Finally going down - Overlook with ocean views

It was an awesome day yesterday and my legs are so tired today.  
So far I have suggestions for a handle of Thunderbird, The Phoenix and Tuffy -
So give me some help on deciding - let's see who reads these boring blogs to the end? Peace - Cheryl

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Photo by Derek heading down bottom of Messa

                                   Fun DH after lots of climbing!

Steep climbing in the heat: Mesa & Puerco by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

Steep climbing in the heat: Mesa & Puerco by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details
This morning Derek and I met Doug at the trailhead for Mesa - $10.00 to park.  No wonder it was an empty lot.   I have never ridden this trail before and I know why now.  Starts out very steep and rocky and never ends!  - Then we all decided I could kill two climbs in one day, so we headed down Puerco and back up!  Oh, my, this was a tough day.   Many times I wanted to quit.  It was hot, over 100 degrees.  Doug and Derek were both very supportive, as always, and they usually sort of take turns waiting at spots for me and making sure I am okay, especially in the super heat, which I struggle it.

Several times today when my legs were so tired, and I really thought I could not turn the pedals anymore, I found myself thinking of the very first time I got that big needle in my arm and my first chemotherapy in May of 1989.   I was so scared of the unknown poison and what it was doing to me and knowing it would cause my hair to fall out within two weeks.   I am not sure why today that particular memory was what kept me going and repeating to myself  "EASIER THAN CANCER" over and over.

But I know that reminding myself that if I could get through all the years of cancer, blood transfusions, bone marrow transplants, tons of chemotherapy, broken bones, and all the losses of basically everything, then I can get up this damn hill!  One pedal at a time.   So it was a tough climbing day and I am so tired.  And Derek has suggested a nick name for me of Thunderbird?  What is your opinion? ;-)
So happy I made it today!  Bulldog this Saturday.  Backbone and Guadalasca on Sunday!

Thanks again to my riding friends!!!!