Tuesday, March 27, 2012

35 miles; 4577 elevation - 4:48 ride time - Was a perfect day

best effort after illness by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

Today was a perfect day to get back on the bike!  I woke up for the first time in weeks and felt good.
Doug, Derek and I hit the hills.   Per my coach, I took it easy.  She told me not to work hard, just get some saddle time in.   It was perfect and and so much fun!  I felt pretty strong, considering I have missed a lot of training days being sick.  I started my 4th round of antibiotics yesterday and got an inhaler for the cough.  He put me on a strong dose of Augmentin (sp) -

Just felt darn good to spend most of my day riding in the mountains with friends.   Never gets better than a day like today!  Thank you Doug and Derek!
A week from Saturday is the big day.  I am already nervous!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happiness is still a choice - email from my nurse who took care of me in June of 2009 with broken femur

(the email below is from my nurse whom I posted about earlier and who called me out of the blue this morning)  Now if this is not a good sign, then I don't know what is ---- I am ready for Counting Coup and going to do this ride with a smile on my face, no matter what the legs say - !!!!!!!!! 
Awesome article

My name is Andria Harris

Remember we talked about ereaders and I told you that I would get myself one, and you said how great they were because you could even get the news paper on them.

Because of that I went out and get the NOOK by B&N.

Whenever I see the nook I would think of the lady that first told me about it.

After that another day you gave me the calender, that is how I found your number, just never got rid of the calender, but I always wondered how you were doing.

I remember the pain you had, and wondered if you ever had the chance to ride again.

 We had talked about your love for riding, and wondered if you would ever get the chance to ride again. I thought you were a very strong person and I was right.

Have a great sunday !

Remember your strength is your GLORY !

Andria Harris

Bucking bull battle - We all get bucked off the bull at some point! - Miracle phone call from CNA

So the real you, that bigger, stronger person in you, that voice inside that says, " you are bigger than you know"  you are stronger than you give yourself credit for"  That voice is what drives me to do more than I "think" I can - This has never failed me, not once! So as my friend AJ says, BECAUSE I CAN!

This morning I forced myself to get up and leave at 7:00 a.m. for my meeting (not been to many since being sick) - So glad I did.
 I needed some time to sit and be still and quiet and listen.    I noticed I had a voicemail on the drive home,and played it back - who was this person?
Adrian, she said - she went on to ask how I was doing and said that she had been thinking of me and WOW! - She was the CNA at the nursing home I was in in June of 2009 with my badly broken femur.  I don't remember much of that place, except that pain, oh the pain - even taking out the staples before I came home is a bad memory.  Sitting in rehab trying to lift my leg?  Oh, and then they had these funny little pedal things you put your feet in and me and my friends there, most of whom were 90 to 100, would attempt to pedal. 
I could barely turn a revolution - I am so sorry, Adrian ,that I don't exactly remember you - I may if I saw your face.  But I was there recouping a long time and on a lot of medication, so I remember not being able to get to the bathroom or take a shower.  I remember friends of Bill coming and taking me in my wheelchair to the roof top for some fresh air and bring my dog to visit. 

Thank you, Adrian, for calling, this is just what I needed today to remind me of how far I have come since that horrible breaking point in my life - I was battling many demons during that time, and my broken leg was one of the smaller demons.   This is my gratitude list today, thank you for my life, my friends, my health, my coach, my support, my family - A friend in the room this morning even offered to bring a meeting to my house since I have been so sick .  I need to rest more and I want to ride more - more and more! seems I am always wanting "MORE" of something in life! - Time to rest and say simply say thank you to the Universe for everything, all the good things and the seemingly bad things - Adrian and I had a long talk after I called her back. I can't believe she remembers me all these years later.  She sent me an eamil and reminded me to say strong!  Love to the nurses in our lives!

There is not much left of that broken woman those people met at Berkeley East nursing home.   Nothing like a broken femur to bring you to your knees - I had to stop fighting anything and everything.   It was time to make peace.   Today, I am so grateful to be traveling the happy road of destiny with my brothers and sisters.  I am so far from perfect, but one day at a time, I pray and hope that I can simply be an example of what prayer, Grace and gratitude can do to change your life.   To do something for someone else, to get out of yourself for and reach out to someone who needs your help.   As Doug reminds me all the time, "it's not about me" -
It's never about me!  THANK GOD!! --

Because when I remember to give back what has been so freely given to me, this is where peace and happiness is found.

Okay, it's nap time -

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cold after cold is not stopping me!

Today was slow and easy as I am trying to get back on the bike.  Have beenso sick from back to back head colds, it's kicking me hard!
Too much stress and work is my best guess.   Just finished my third around of antibiotics and seeing the doctor again this Monday.
My last good ride was March 10th at Solvang century -

Today I road Westridge to Hubb and down to Chalon and Mandeville and climbed the 3Bs- 3097 feet of climbing and 22 miles.
Felt tired in places and strong in other places.  I am very concerned how this illness will effect me and CC - so I just need to remember how grateful I am to wake up, so if I can get some back enough to finish CC, I will be happy. 

Coach Lou is very encouraging and feels confident that our months of training has given me a strong enough base to finish the race.
But I am still coughing, so I know I am not 100% - Good news is I don't feel the least bit tired after riding today, so there is some good news.

I am taking myself off work until after Apirl 7th!  That's all there is to it.  My job is just too stressful to do and train hard for a mountain bike race.  Some depos, we don't get breaks, very  short lunch and cannot hydrate with my fingers busy on the writer.

And my broken foot is hurting again?  May be the high heels? - I need to sell all those shoes!!!!! lol
size 7.5 girls -

So with Grace and a smile, I am pushing onward to do my best on April 7th!   Or ?? I thought about getting a tandem and hiring a captain?
lol -
Please pray for me to get well!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

2012 Solvang photo - Where are my mountain bike tires?

Solvang 2012 - Photo - 104 miles of road?

Solvang - 104 mile Road Ride March 10 - Saturday - Lessons of disappointment and happiness

Well, I am simply not a "roadie"  All there is to it.  I dislike road biking so much that I have not been on that bike since around 2008, the last time I road Solvang! I had a really long week at work last week, including expedited, technical depositions and trips to San Diego.  I felt mentally whipped, sleep, water and food deprived by Friday.
Left in the afternoon on Friday for the Krongburg Inn in Solvang.  Once getting there, I had work via laptop and phone until nearly 11:00 p.m. Friday night.  Had a very quick dinner at some busy place who gave me a cream sauce dinner by mistake - I don't tolerate dairy.  I ate it anyway. Bad!! - I was up most of the six hours I had for sleep being sick and in bathroom.
Up at 4:30 a.m. - Had a great room, five blocks from starting line and my car parked right outside my door. Nice! - 32 degrees in the morning, headed for the starting place.   I started the ride feeling very fast and strong and having a blast.  Never felt that strong on a road bike, certainly not at Solvang! The first 50 miles was really fun.  Coach Lou told me (remember this is a training ride for Counting Coup) The goal was to be consistent and very little resting or stopping.  The first aid station came up around mile 22, keeping with my goal, I road right by it.
Mile 44, refill water, strip cold gear.   Mile 70, 7 minute-stop for water and some cliff blocks. Other than that, no stops except for traffic lights, fooling with my HR strap, which recording Doug and not me! ARGGGG -
Need to figure out why Garmin's just grab whatever heart rate is nearby?

Mile 72, I hit a wall, I mean a wall!  People were passing me and I was very unhappy with myself.  I am not sure if I was dehydrated, I am used to wearing a camelbak and not drinking from water bottles?  - Sick the night before?  Rough work week and no training; not sitting my butt on a road bike for years and it's a totally different geometry than my mt bike?   Maybe I started too fast and hard?  Well, my excuses could go on and on.
I was so disappointed my myself that it was tough to keep going the more angry I was becoming.

Quitting was not an option.  I finally started talking to myself, reminding myself that this ride is a training ride for April 7th.  This pain will pay off for Counting Coup - Dig Deep and pedal damn it!
Then I saw a climb coming.  I think Couch Lou has created a monster in me. I like to climb now!
That climb brought back my mojo! -- I recovered and got a second wind!  I was flying again and felt strong and finished strong for the end of 100 miles.  My time was way off from my goal.  But I am happy I kept going. It was was big lesson.
I really have to nail down what I can eat and not eat, before a ride, during a ride, etc.  No switching hammer gel to gu gel - I need my camel bak ! - no bars, too heavy for me !  Cliff blocks, margarita, yes!

SO disappointed in myself, I got a grip and said, "Cheryl, remember when the fact you even could finish a Century was a success?" Now I am not happy because I did not do it in six hours?
Whoa, remember happiness is a choice!  I am HAPPY  I did my best, and doing your best is always good enough, folks!
That is from my lesson from yesterday's ride and I hope I don't forget it again!
Oh, and Taco Bell!! yes, I only had time for Taco Bell after riding 105 miles.  Two bites of a combo burrito and one taco, no cheese!  What happened to Steak and Lobster?
Okay, people.  It's time for you all to be sending me prayers and endurance for April 7th!
It's coming up!!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Family Support - they are coming!! YEAH!

I am so excited to find out that my brother Bruce and his son Parker are going to try and be here from Alanta for my race.
 Hoping Eastcoast decides to come too!! Also my sister Debbie and her husband Greg from Tacoma, WA  - and hopefully my sister Stephanie from Portland.   My stepdad, Dayton from BigBear! 
The family has not been together since our mother left us on February 22, 2010.  She would be happy to see us having a family reunion and what more than to get me to pedal my butt off than making them all proud.

Of course,  Noah, Danielle, River and Rhys will come too!  I now it won't be easy on her with two babies hanging out at O'Neil Park waiting for me, not knowing how long it will take me.  The ride starts at 5:30 a.m. at Blackstar.  
Then my local friends I hope will be there too.   Marwan, who will not hear the end of it if he is not there! lol
Lydia, Paulette, Tracy, Derek, ...everybody is welcome - it's a big park where we finish.
I am told I get some beads and a feather from the Warrior Society!  Should be very cool - 

Thanks to Alison at Bike Effect today for cheering me forward too - the biking community is really a tight group with support everyhwere you turn!

Easy Sunday recovery ride by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

Easy Sunday recovery ride by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

Parked the car at Byliss and Westridge - hot climb up the wall, but a nice easy pace to visit and relax at nike - then cruised down sullivan canyon -
Most perfect recovery ride - and my legs are really sore from yesterday. Went by Bike Effect and Alison sold me some recovery tights!
They seem to be helping - rest day tomorrow and INTENSE intervals on Tuesday and 104 miles next Saturday at Solvang! Should be fun to pedal a road bike again.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blackstar Motorway - Wind gusts forced a lot of walking - 5500 feet - 4 hours - 30 miles - thanking my heroes

We left Santa Monica at 7:15 a.m. this morning for another counting coup training ride in Orange.   Everything started off perfectly, until we got to Main Divide and the wind picked up.  Doug had told me that the forecast was 60 mph winds, and, unfortunately, he is rarely wrong!   It made the climbing tough and very scary in certain areas.  We stropped several times and considering turning around.  I have been blown off my bike twice before, both on the road, but I HATE the wind.  I even had to walk a few downhill sections because it was just too dangerous.   One time I looked back and a wind gust had literally stopped Doug, via his helmet!  His helmet would have flown off it was not strapped down.  Derek was super strong today and way ahead of us all day.  The wind does not seem to stop that goat!  The wind just sucked all my energy.  I road all of Motorway and pleased with being able to clean it all , minus a stab from a cactus and Derek helping me some rocky do overs!  But I found my arms and legs getting very tired on that section.  It's steep and rocky and getting too much speed could be???  well, I won't go there - this section can hurt you!   Also, having my seat all the way dropped was a mistake - then you cannot hug the seat between your legs for a little resting, even though you are standing.  

At the bottom of Motorway, I was determined to head up Maple Springs, but I just did not get too far and my legs were burning and left hamstring cramping.  I cannot give enough thanks to Doug and Derek for supporting me through this.  This is a tough race and I sure hope I am ready on April 7th.   This is one of the four most difficult mountain bike endurance in America someone told Derek today hiking ?  But this is surely one of the toughest things I have ever attempted to do. 

HR about 182 here

Afer the ride we enjoyed some salami, eggs, bagels, oranges and laughs back at the car!
Time for bed -
Oh, and if you read this, would you mind hitting the comment button and saying something so I know someone is reading ?
Special thanks to all my heroes and Angels for pushing me them a tough, but awesome and rewarding day and life-time expereince.
The most important person in my life, my daughter Danielle! MOM -My Awesome COACH LOU KOBIN! DOUG, DEREK
Allen Tilley ( fallen Angel) Amy (Bill W.)  Colette McFadden, Liz, Jeanine, Lauren, Sarah, A.J., Kimmi, Sponsor, Maria, Sister Debbie, Brother Bruce!
All my doctors who donated their time and chemo to save my life! 

Friday, March 2, 2012

1 hour stationary bike - big training ride tomorrow 7:00 a.m.!!!!!!!!! six hours yah!!!!

Thought about going out for some fresh air today but I was manning the office phones.  Called doctor and they called me in some nasal drip that I did not get a chance to pick up.  I have never had a cough in my chest like this before.   As long as it does get worse, I can live with this.  It's just non-stop cough!!

7:00 a.m. tomorrow Doug, Derek and I will head to OC for Blackstar to Four Corners in I hope about six hours and 7000 feet.
Excited to see how much more confident I will be on Motorway downhill.   I even made a check list time.
On these long rides, forgetting something can me a disaster! 

And next Saturday is the 104 miles at Solvang on my ride bike.  I better get some air in those tires!!!

I am happy my coach is back from her ultra Alaska trip.  I cannot imagine pushing a mt bike for 90 miles in 30 inches of fresh snow with no trail and freezing, sleeping and eating outside!

Thursday, March 1, 2012