Tuesday, August 15, 2017

2017 Leadville didn't go as planned

I arrived home today from my trip to Colorado.  I am not quite up for writing about the experience, but I was cutoff at the second cutoff point and felt crushed, to say the least.

My brother sent me a text I would like to share because it means a lot to me:


I am SO proud of you. You inspire me.  We all encounter challenges that, for whatever reason, we may not overcome.  You've overcome so much in your life.  Most people  who may have gone through a fraction of what you have would find a nice place to sit on their ass and reflect on what they've accomplished.  Not my big sister.  She picks the biggest, baddest, hardest fucking thing she find and says "I can do that."   Maybe you couldn't do on their timeline, but you could have finished the damn thing, eventually.  That's tough.  Tough a shit.  Someday I'm going to face a real challenge.  A real motherfucker of a bad time, and I'm gonna get through it because my big sister showed me how.  You are the toughest person I know.  I'm so proud to say I'm Cheryl Parrish's kid brother.  

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tuesday - Aug 8, 2017 - Frisco, CO

I have been here a few weeks now for acclimation and to race the Leadville 100 MTB Stage Race with Angie.

I barely made that 12 hours in over three days.  This gives me great concern.  I sit here in tears this morning at the kitchen table in my condo rental.   One minute I am so grateful for this opportunity.
Danielle and Janet have been putting in overtime, stressful hours to run the office while I am gone.

Tonight is the big Leadville party at Doc' home in Leadville at 5:30.  There will be a lot of people I am looking forward to saying hello to and getting some photos.

I have my drop bags labeled.  I am still unsure about my time cutoffs and what I should shoot for. I keep reliving my devastating disappointment in 2013 when I was cutoff at Twinlakes,  the first cutoff, by a few minutes.  I am riding a totally different bike now.  1 x 12 Eagle v 2 x 10.

Erin and Colin Tawney are spending the night with me tonight and leaving in the morning.  Remembering that I met them in Leadville in 2013 reminds me that this whole race is really about the journey and developing life-long friendships.

I try not to think about cancer and will this be my last chance to get a buckle, not to mention I am 59 and there are only a handful of women who have gotten a buckle at my age.

I think of my friends who lost their battle to cancer  and what they would give to even have this opportunity.   I need to enjoy every mile of this race. I need to give my blood, sweat and tears too. Putting too much pressure on myself is a waste of energy. What happens, happens.  No matter what, if you know me, you know I will leave all I have in Leadville this year.

My sister, Debbie and daughter Danielle are flying in this Friday to be here. They will be able to track me on their phones, so I am told.

Registration is Thursday.  Drop of drop bags at CTS support on Friday.
Saturday coach says I should be in LV by 5:00 a.m.  Allow 45 minutes to drive up there.

Thank you, God for my sobriety.
Thank you, God for my health to be here.
Thank you, God for my family and friends.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Leadville 2017 Stage Race photos

                                          Angie Rake and Cheryl Stage Race finish 2017 100 miles

Leadville Stage Race 100 miles

                                           100 Mile Leadville Stage Race - Powerline
                                          Frisco Airbnb for 2.5 weeks