Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sea Otter - perfect weather

Well, I am grateful I gave it my best shot, but was hoping to do better.   This is my best time yet.  It was more climbing and farther than last year.  I wish I had had more opportunity for pre-riding it.

I could hear a woman behind me wanting to pass.   I asked which side and she came up on my left.  The trail was too narrow there and her bars tangled with mine and down we both went.  I felt sorry for both of us.
The riders behind us were nice and helped us both out.  A wipe out I surely did not need.

I felt tired and know I should have warmed up more.   I saw several women going out by ambulance.   I met a new friend named Susan and we rode a while together.

Sea Otter was a bit disappointing this year in that there was no announcer there when I crossed the finish line and I was worried I went the wrong way (again)? lol -

Also, there were so many riders on the course that did not have numbers and were not racing??

And they started the whole group of women 40 to 49 and 50 plus together.   Sucked because you had no idea with whom you were competing.

Big congrats to Julie who took 3rd place!    She rocks.  All the riders were supportive and overall I am happy.

The highlight, of course, of this trip was my time with Grace and Kirsten.  We all met in Leadville last year.

These girls raced expert in their age groups and we all had a great time.

I will be back next year, SO - ;)
Thank you to my friends and family for all your support.

Not sure if this Strava link will work?

Sea Otter 2014 more photos

                                                            Kirsten and Cheryl Monterey

                                                    Pre-ride Thursday with the girls
                                                      keep coming back
                                              Kirsten, Grace Ragland & CP dinner at Case Munras

Sea Otter 2014 - another one bites the dust - including me

                                              Socks are a present from Kirsten and Leadville

                                                         race morning - lining up
                                                             Finish line - tougher than I thought
                                                       2014 in the books