Tuesday, February 28, 2012

50 minutes stationary bike - intervals

Long few days of depositions at blazing speed.   If my legs could move as fast as my fingers, those hills would be much easier.

Little concerned about the cough lingering on, so training pretty easily.

Coach Lou is 15 out of 39 at the Alaska Ultra, from what we can tell.   Just cannot imagine riding 350 miles in the snow (or pushing a snow bike) in freezing temps!   She is my hero, that woman!

So four days of videotaped depositions and trying to rest, do core work, and get some rides in.   What  blessing and my life is happily filled with, as we say, "quality problems"!!  Today I have problems in areas where I never had areas!   Remember, friends and family - Happiness is a choice ! My weekly mantra this week.  I get to go to work.  I get to ride a bike.  I get to pay my bills.  I get to be thankful for each and every person who takes time to read these silly posts and supports me.

Sure hoping my sister and brother can come on April 7th for the finish line!  Bruce and Debbie, come on down!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

westridge - hub - recovery ride by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

westridge - hub - recovery ride by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

Lots of hikers, runners, dogs, kids, strollers, you name it. Good day to take it easy. 18 miles about 2500 feet was just about right. Still coughing, so taking it slow.
Sure hope I can get some six-hour rides in next weekend out at Counting Coup.
This is some stubborn bug I caught. Been through the Z-pak and ten days on Amox and still coughing.

Was happy I started my morning off at 7:30 a.m. in PP with my home group!
Awesome what to start my day - Prayer, meditation and a whole lot of gratitude.

A good friend reminded me this morning that happiness is a choice, suffering is a choice. And that at any time I can make that choice and choose to be happy, just like that!
Happiness is a choice - Nice we have options, right?


Saturday, February 25, 2012

First ride after long illness - Great fun

Doug, Derek and I started off at 10:00 at Bayliss and Westridge.  Up the wall, westridge, nike, the hub and on way back a huge 4 inch nail bit my rear tire.

I thought I would give Doug a few tips and practice being my pit crew.  He kept a smile the whole time, which is how you always see Doug, smiling and happy, no matter what!

Team Margarita new kit - designed by Sarah - I am their Westside team ;-)

3rd attempt to post this today and getting short - need blog lessons

Great come back ride after being sick.  Westridge to hub, flat tire on way back with huge four inch nail - my happy pit crew tookd care of that, after a few times for me! ;-)

Thought I would model my new kit for Santa Margarita, designed by Sarah!  super comfy shorts and jersey!  So while pit crew Doug was fixing my tire, my friend Derek aka - photo man- took some photos! ;-)

Finally, found tube, pump and lever and after a big mess of cafe late, soap suds and poor Doug all greasy and tired, we went on for a fun ride.   3 hours, 25 miles 3600 feet of climbing.   Down Sullivan Fireroad to boy scout gate, back up the climb, and flew down Sully Canyon for the time fo my life - too fun for words!   Then home for shower, time with my dog - The best meeting with friends of Bill W ever - I am still on the pink cloud for sure.

need to rest and get ready for ride tomorrow!    Thank you Doug and Derek - what would I do without my cheerleaders???


Thursday, February 23, 2012

New on m wish list: 2013 LaRuta - and single speed

Dear Friends and family,

Okay, well, now we have it as official bronchitis! Got an inhaler, steroid and back in bed.  Will be back on my bike on Saturday.
In the meantime, check out my coach, larutalou at the Alaska Ultra:
She is something else and I am a few years other than she, but I am still determined to follow her! 
So she has participated and done well, if not win for nearly nine years in La Ruta on a four day mountain bike endurance race.
Look out Costa Rica, you have a new racer from America coming your way! lol - Me!   Don't worry, riding in the snow in sub zero temp riding a snow bike or pushing a snow bike in the dark through Alaska is not yet on my bucket list! or my wish list!

Okay, let's get through Counting Coup and Sea Otter first - but I have a lot of races planned for this summer.  Stay tuned for the new adventures of crazy Cheryl - Also thinking of having Doug build me a single speed for training and stand climbing fun!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Still on bed rest

Okay, enough  - I know I have been working harder than I ever have in my life, but this is enough of this cough!
I have pretty much been in bed since last Tuesday.  Sure hoping I can get on my bike soon! 
Sitting in bed is simply too much time in my head, too much time to waste time worrying!  Rough day.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Dr. Spector said says, rest!  10 days on high-dose antibiotics. -  Coach Lou  says, it's okay because I have trained enough to do the ride today and it's better I rest than risk getting really ill.
But, of course, I am not happy about this.   Resting today and tomorrow and hope to do my big ride on Monday, if the cough is better.

One person told me that it's not uncommon to become ill when training and doing intervals?   I suspect the intervals in cold air last Tuesday and drenched in rain and cold on Wednesday did not help matters.

Since this is the first time I have ever trained for anything, I would not know.   I know I have been putting my body through some serious workouts, more than I ever dreamed I could do, so my immune system is taking a beating.   Keeping in mind that multiple myeloma is, in  a nutshell, cancer of the immune system, I feel I am doing pretty darn well!   I got shingles on my face in 2003 from my immune system being compromised and I was out of work for  a year and have permanent nerve damage on my left eye.  My entire left quadrant of my face and head was affected and it was terribly painful and still have serious PHN on left eye.

I will be grateful today for whatever comes my way and stop thinking about me and see if I can help someone else!  
Hope I have a better post on Monday night!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stationary bike training - 125 situps

Long drive to Ventura today and yesterday!  My lingering cough is worse today and seeing Dr. Spector tomorrow for an antibiotic!
I have a long ride on Saturday, so I need to be better asap!

Got a call from my brother Bruce today and MADE my day!  I miss him.  And I am so proud of  East Coast Stephanie!

Life on life's terms is a little easier said than accepted at times, but then, I need to remember:  progress, not perfection!
Very important for me to remember that.   And I need to remember that I can start my day over any time I want with three deep inhales and focus on changing what I can in me and not changing anybody else.  My perspective is my choice at all times, nothing less and nothing more.

For today I am focused on gratitude.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

March 10th Solvang 100 mile Century

Finally found a place to stay that is dog friendly so I can go on Friday night.  Still a 45 minute drive to Solvang.  There are usually about 8000 rides on this fully supported ride  I have done it before three or four times without ever training, so I am excited how much better I can do now.  Not to mention, I have not been on a road bike in years!  Those skinny tires take some getting used to.
Should be a good ride to get in before Counting Coup on April 7th!

My weekends are booked with training or racing until end of April!  I thinkI have to bring my coach on as  a life long coach!  This is just too much fun!

Encinal warm up - Intervals - 21.5 miles; 2743 feet; 2.40 minutes

Today was cold and I felt tired and mentally and physically drained.   I have learned that my mental state of mind has  lot to do with my performance on the bike.  However, my coach tells me that at this point my intervals and long weekend rides are what will make a difference on race day.  She said sometimes doing training on tired legs is a good thing to learn to ride through the pain.
So I did my best.  I forgot my water bottle with my sustained energy and missed that for sure!
The first interval Doug and Derek said I took off super fast, a mistake.  Do not start too fast and blow up!
Last night and tonight I did 100 sit ups each night, along with stretching and light weights.

Not easy finding time in the day.  Tomorrow is a court appearance in Ventura and leaving at 6:00 a.m. -
I still have to find time for work and business, but not easy!  Friends of Bill, most important to stay in contact with!

As long as I give it all I have, I can ask nothing else of myself.

Oh, and I also registered and booked my room for the Solvang Century on March 10th - 100 miles!
Yippie - that will be a blast!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Puerco mash - Bull Dog climb phew by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

Puerco mash - Bull Dog climb phew by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

Garmin stats today, Saturday - My plan was to go back to CC and try some downhill, but chance of rain and cold changed the plans.
Doug and Derek decided to take me on another first-time climb for Cheryl. It was really difficult climbing! Puerco, Bulldog, Backbone - I felt really slow and tired, but those are some steep climbs. The cut on my shin where I got 7 stitches on Oct 1 is starting to bother me. I sure hope it's nothing serious. I know it did not heal before it was smashed in the car door, but I cannot have any medical treatment until May, at least! So we rode around 25 miles, around 5500 feet of climbing some steep hills. I know this is the best training I can do for Counting Coup, as we all know that race is 8000 feet of climbing! Thank gosh for Gu and Hammer sustained energy! Mojo Bars! salami!

So these training rides require good sleep for sure. Yesterday was hours at the vet with emergency with my dog, then the emergency i-phone issue! lol - and nearly three hours at the Apple store and up half the night dealing with itunes, i cloud, etc!
Man, these electronics can suck the life out of you.

Derek made this incredible climb up Coral rocks and surprised himself and us! I got some great pictures I will post when he sends them. Doug has already done that one before. In case you have not figured it out, I ride with mountain goats disguised as humans!

Today was beautiful and the views of Malibu and the ocean were spectacular. The company was fun, as always. We took some photos at the Mash cars on Bulldog and dodged the tourists.
Overall, I did my best and I was happy that climbing up Bulldog after climbing Puerco that I did not walk any of it. I kept reading my red cap "easier than cancer" - I also talk to my angels and ask them to help me pedal with the steep gets too steep! You can laugh, but it seems to work. ;-)

Hoping my coach will let me do the Harding Counting Coup, Holy Jim upper and lower next week if the weather is okay. I really need to ride those downhills! Bummed we could not do it today, but really had a good time and a GREAT work out on today's ride.
I hope Lou is proud of me. I can really feel my rear-end muscles kicking in and my legs getting stronger and HR is getting more consistent on climbs and I am not blowing up. I have the world's best coach and training partner. They both push me to my limits and give me lots of support and positive feedback, which really helps me.

Derek and I grabbed a quick burrito at La Salsa on the way home from Malibu and we both wolfed them down so fast my stomach hurt!

On such a sad note: I am sure we are all so saddened and stunned by the death of Whitney Houston! So sad. 3:55 p.m. today she was found dead at the Beverly Hilton hotel. I am so grateful I was with my friends of Bill tonight and in a safe place. Drugs and alcohol continue to take lives and ruin families. God bless all the people out there suffering with drug and alcohol addiction. There is a solution!

And happy 25th birthday to my friend Lipton!



Puerco climb - Bulldog - Backbone - 5500 feet - 25 miles

fun ride - two qoms yeah by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

fun ride - two qoms yeah by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

Yesterday's ride ! Sorry a little behind in posting - been a busy week.

It was a blast yesterday and my fastest time ever down Sullivan Canyon!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Dark Memories and much needed rest day!

Monday - I was wondering,  why am I so tired?   Then I realized that I rode my hardest effort on a mountain bike on Saturday.
Had wind, cold, sun and 7188 feet of climbing!  40 miles, six hours WOW --- Never thought I could learn to shift gears -
Got home late Saturday night after the long drive -- then I  was playing court reporter for the deposition of an expert  urologist on Sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. to start at 8:00 a.m. for four hours via video conference and some live bodies too.   And today I took a deposition in Encino with one of my favorite clients and we worked through lunch.   I missed my exit to get off the freeway and found myself on the other side of Beverly Hills going the wrong direction of home?   Um, I must need some rest.  So many emails I don't have time to read.  lol - the miracles keep on coming!

But I digress and go back to some  of  the saddest days of my life,  in 1997 and 1998 when I was battling multiple myeloma - the breast cancer was a memory then.   I remember being locked up at home or in the hospital for weeks and months. I remember that going through high-dose chemotherapy in preparation of a bone marrow transplant means you have to eat out of cans, plastic forks and cups, gloves on every door knob - any little germ could kill you.  Nobody comes in or out of the house except my brother Bruce who was taking care of me and my daughter.  I remember how lonely I was, desperately lonely and thinking my only friend was in a bottle, lots of bottles.    The phone did not ring.  People tend to be afraid of you when you are dying.  I guess they don't know what to say, so they stay away, which makes the ill person feel more rejected and left out and basically I felt dumped by friends and my life.   As I was stuck home with a tube of chemo attached to a needle the size of a roofing nail in my chest and two other ports in my chest for various access points and to draw blood, I remember thinking how the world just kept going.  I remember how much I missed work.  I remember thinking, wow, if I could only work.   I would often wonder if the people who "GOT" to go work knew how lucky they are? 

Fevers and frequent emergency trips to the hospital were my life.  Trying to escape my fear of the lonely hours and days led me on a path to a dark place, a very dark place with no end.  Days and nights were the same, just being too sick to do anything.  Harvesting stem cells meant being tied to a machine for a week.  Dreading painful bone marrow biopsies.   I had forgotten what it was like to have hair. 
Spending years to get through school and build a business and to lose it all so fast, with a simple blood test, life was to be over, so they told me.   I think at times the only courage I could find was through my daughter, Danielle, until she had to go away too, if for nothing else, to save herself.   Those were some dark years, my friends.   Memories that haunt me at times, like this moment, and I am not sure where to put them? 

Maybe they are to remind me how lucky I am to have legs to ride a fancy mountain bike, and fingers to write up to 250 words per minute on a machine, and get paid to do it.  And a beautiful daughter with two healthy happy grandchildren - my best friend (dog) Mai, who is always happy to see me.   A loving coach that just came in my life at the perfect time, and the perfect riding partner, the perfect office support team cheering me on and having my back.   Great attorneys/clients that appreciate me, respect me and are loyal to me.
Most of all, a loving God who brought me this far to see what I have.  My thanks to Janet and Sheila, for without them, I would not have a job.

It's the family and people in my life today I am grateful for.  Today I have a new life and another chance to make it better, to be better, to help someone else.   Today my client reminded me of the fact that I am no longer on any treatment, no drugs or meds.  My hair is long and my life is far from lonely.  Today I know I don't have to do anything alone again.  I have learned to ask for help and accept help and then pass it along to someone else.

So there is not a ride today, but much needed rest and reflection, apparently.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

CC training- Blackstar to 4 corners by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

CC training- Blackstar to 4 corners by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

My toughest ride so far! 7188 feet of climbing, 40.3 miles and six hours!

Doug, Derek and I started at Blackstar to Main Divide and down Motorway. I have not ridden any of this before. Blackstar was fairly easy, but the steep climbs on Main Divide had me tempted to walk a few, but I did not.
I just kept it in a spinning gear and kept on going. Motorway was rocky and technical in spots, but not nearly as bad as I had expected. Momentum is your friend, I need to remember in rocky sections. The exposure was a little scary at first, just don't look off the cliff! ;-)
Derek's cable broke and both my riding buddies ran out of water. Once we started climbing Maple Springs I think they wanted to go back. I offered some water to Doug and ask him to please let me try and make to four corners, of course, he did!

But then as the climbing got harder and it was getting late and cold and no water, I ask Doug how much farther? He said "two long switch backs" lol -- what? very long ! lol - it was 8 miles up to four corners and four wheel trucks and motorcycles makes you a little nervous that they may not see you. It was really cold coming down, but I am so glad I made it. This was the hardest ride I have ever done to date!
Another 1000 feet or so and I would have completed all the climbing for Counting Coup - but it was too late in the day to attempt that.
It's a long drive to Orange County to pre-ride these trails and it has been a very long day.

Tomorrow is the first time I have a deposition on Sunday in 20 years! go figure! 8:00 a.m. depo of a urologist!
Hope I have a few brain cells in the morning.

It was really nice to have Derek back from Scotland and get him riding! I think I surprised him today, and he was impressed at how much my coach has helped me progress in my climbing skills and endurance.
I owe so much to Lou and Doug for their support. Doug really keeps me on my toes and he always stays just far enough in front to keep me challenged!

Also looking at my red cap on my bike that says, "Easier than Cancer" helps a lot. When I start to get tired and the going is tough, I can reflect back to being in the hospital for my second bone marrow transplant! Now nothing will ever be more challenging than fighting that chemo and cancer and I remember not having an esophagus lining and could not even swallow my own saliva - the pain was horrible. I could not eat anything but Ensure for nearly a year! Seeing those cans still freaks me out in the stores.

So to be able to climb steep mountain bike trails is really a true gift! And having friends like Doug and Derek hanging with me and a SUPER COACH is even a bigger miracle! I am so grateful and so tired.
I will put some photos up tomorrow when Derek and Doug send them to me!
7000 feet of climbing! WOW - NEVER THOUGHT IT WAS POSSIBLE FOR ME!

Peace and miracles.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tired legs yesterday - and thanks to donors!

Yesterday I did not get a chance to post.  I set out to do my intervals, but quickly saw my legs were not recovered from Sunday and/or my cold to get my HR up enough before the legs were blowing up.  So I went up Mandeville, the three BB and some of Westridge.  About 15 miles and 2000 feet and 1.15 of riding time and called it a day.

Today was an awesome deposition day with three very nice attorneys.   The highlight of my day was when I saw one of the attorneys walk in with a really nice gym looking bag that said UCLA Platelet's, and other things on it.  I commented to the attorney and found he received the bag for giving platelets and donating over 100 times.  He is a regular donor there and started off donating blood and then now donates more platelets.  I smiled and was happy to thank him and would like to thank any of you whoever donate.  I had several blood transfusions and needed platelets many times though my bone marrow transplants.   Anyway, it was seemed nice for both of us.  He got to meet me, someone who has been in the situation of wondering if there will be donations for me.  I even had a blood transfusion for the broken leg in 2009. 
So thank you, Mr. Unnamed donor/attorney for taking you time and sitting for the long hours to donate platelets.  I am sure it is not comfortable!  But many there are many sick people out there who need people like you!  Thanks!  Now let's see if I can get one of those bags! ? lol

After my deposition, I was excited to get home and jump on the stationary bike! Tomorrow is another work day, stationary bike day and I am hoping to get a really long climbing ride in this Saturday at Counting Coup!!!  I have six hours to pedal!
Looking for some techincal sections and fun downhill!