Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday - Interval day - 2.5 hours; 21.63 miles mountains

Today was something I sort of dread and then learn to love.  The climb up Westridge was more difficult with the headwinds, but I still set my all time record of 33:45 gate to gate!

Decided to do the intervals on Mulholland hoping it would not be so windy.   Four - 3-minute intervals with the last 30 seconds more steep was a true workout!  Lou tells me these will make me strong!
It turned out to be a beautiful ride and Doug and I went on.  I ended up with 2.5 hours and 21.6 miles and close to 2500 feet of climbing. 

I am really putting my training first and riding as much as I can and asking my support team at my business to cover me there!  Lydia, Petra, Rachel - thank you all for bearing the burden!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

3317 Feet of climbing up Zuma

Today was definate improvement from the same ride on Nov 5th.  I added Backbone single track and HR was lower and was faster!
I am told that this climb is the closest we have here to Counting Coup as far as starting off with a 2000 foot climb.

It was around 80 today and the views were epic!   Doug and his son Thomas and I road, with me in the back, of course.  But I sure gave it my all.  I am so happy that I have so many friends and family supporting in this adventure.

I am REALLY EXCITED to have Louise Kobin as my coach and friend.  She really inspires me and puts her heart in what she does.   She gives her all, so it makes it so much easier for me to it my ALL!

I have a little right shin pain and will look into that.  Also thinking I need a different saddle.  Lou also wants me to work on fueling while riding and keeping stops at minimum. 

What a great Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sycamore Canyon floor - Beautiful Day with deer, horses, and bunnies out with us!

1.5 hours on Sycamore Canyon floor.  Saw at least five deer and a lot of bunnies.  Beautiful sunny day in paradise.  I kept a nice pace and road out and two fox trail.  Coach Lou told me no sustained climbing today and get ready for climbing tomorrow.

Then back to Dani's house, packed up dog and stuff and headed home. 

I feel I am struggling with diet and knowing what to eat and when?  Going to bed hungry?  Is okay or bad?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks today

Dear Friends,
Today was the best!  I have spent the day with my loving daughter, son-in-law and two little angels!
We had great food.  The best part is that I never thought I would be a good mother, or be alive to be a bad mother - Today I know Dani knows how much we love each other and I know she and I value every minute we have together.  These are days and moments and memories I shall never forget!  She and her family are very supportive of my dream to ride CC in April!  And Sea Otter.
So I am on the couch with my dog and could not be happier.  Cancer may have taken many years from me and caused me a lot of pain.  But I am a warrior, I am a fighter - and Cancer lost in the end and did not take my life forever and did not take my love for life. 
So tomorrow I am set for two hours of mountain biking with no climbing, so off to Sycamore I go.
Please continue to support me, I have a long way to go.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rule 1 - obey coach! Rule 2 - Believe

So yesterday was supposed to be an interval day.  I met my friend Doug at the trail head at Westridge at 10:00.  I started pedaling and was very tired.  The gash on my leg where I received 7 stitches and the slammed the car door on it, is giving me big problems after riding! Swelling.  Pain.  Even urgent care last Friday.
So I HAD A BLAST YESTERDAY!  Having a coach and training is working!  I warmed up and was stronger than ever.  I felt like superwoman!  Pedaled three hours up and down Sullivan and westridge and the hub - my legs felt like power machines.   It was so fun.  I was in tears as I finished the ride strong and te memories of my days of endless chemotherapy and the doom and gloom of being told I was dying.  And I was dying in many ways. 

I guess that first 15 minutes to 30 minutes is when everybody wants to go home and say, "I am too tired" -
I find myself sleeping better, being more relaxed and smiling all the time.  I am having trouble with regretting the past! Why did I WASTE so mucy of my life on the wrong course?  I guess I was born on the wrong course of life, and I just kept runing from life, from feelings, from fear!   So today I face my fears and I keep my trust in my coach, Lou Kobin, that she won't let me down, if I listen to what she says to do.

So, I feel I am on restriction! ;-)))   gottat get to court reporting today!!
thanks for following me -

Sunday, November 20, 2011


I just love mountain biking and so happy to find something that gives me exercise, life outdoors, and my place with God and nature - and lots of fun!

Meeting new friends on Strava.com and getting involved with clubs and climbing challenges.
Nice that my new goal is to ride more hours than I work!

Sunday - 11-20-11 - 60 minutes on stationary bike recovery

This morning I went to a 7:30 a.m. meeting and felt pretty tired from yesterday.  I made a big pot of hot chili and since it was raining, it was a nice day to recover.  The area on my leg where I got the stitches on October 1st is giving me trouble.  I get a very sharp shooting pain and nearly makes me dizzy.  Went to urgent care Friday night.   Not much they can do and I am not going to stop training.  I also feel the pressure on the Jones Fracture, but it is not pain I cannot deal with it.

I exhausted and hoping someone can help me figure out how to work this darn blog better!

Lou, my coach, told me I got 14 hours of riding last week and I think I got a lot of climbing, but too tired to add it up.
Thank you, again, Doug, for riding with me and keeping me motivated!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday -11-19-11 Endurance Ride 4 (my record ever on aMTB)

Well, having a coach is really paying off and a patient riding buddy!
Today I road all the way to Parker Mesa in the mountains for a total of:
43.1 miles; 6009 feet of climbing; 5.40 hours of riding time.
I never, ever thought I could pedal a mountain bike that far or climb that much, but I did.  What a miracle!

I took plenty of hammer gel and full bladder of water with nuun - one hammer bar and I try to eat a gel every hour and keep drinking.  It was fairly cold, which was nice for the long climbs.
Special thanks to Doug for waiting so patiently for me!!!

Friday - Up Westridge in my record time 37 minutes!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wed - 11-16-11 - Interval day!

WOW - Today was really painful and fun!  I road up Westridge fire road and found a good spot with my friend Doug.

I road up hill for three minutes AS FAST AS I COULD - Doug marked the place in the dirt.  I thought there is no way I can go further on a second interval, or even do one.  But I did.  And as my HR was going faster and faster, I went quite  bit farther. 
Okay, so I thought, that's enough.  I want to do a ride too and have fun.  Lou will understand. Two is enough. But, nope, cannot do that, Cheryl.  You have to adhere to what the coach says and trust her.
So I went back down and we had marked the second spot.  On the third interval, I was able to stay in my big ring and went farther in less time!  My HR was 185! This training really pays off.  Lou told me they would be HARD and PAINFUL! She is correct!  -
Then Doug and I went on up, did a little single track, up to Nike Tower, down Sullivan Canyon.  Was so much fun.  Then I had to climb all the way back up to my car.
SO it was about 13.22 miles; 1:50 riding time; 2037 feet - 

One thing I can see already is that after rides I am not so tired, like I used to be.  Work has been really slow this week, so I am trying not to worry and be grateful I have something I can do that is FREE!
Riding in our local mountains.

Tuesday November 15th 2011

Had a busy work schedule.  Even though I was tired, I said to myself, this is a commitment and I managed to do an hour on my spin bike, recovering from the Monday ride.

Felt so nice and I slept great!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Endurance ride 3

Well, I missed a few days because my daughter, Danielle, gave birth yesterday to Rhys - A perfect little boy and 8.9lbs and 21.5 inches long.  I am so grateful I was there to welcome him in the world.   Seems like yesterday we were told I was dying and would never see her start her own family.

So I had no ride on Saturday or Sunday.

Today was a great day and my legs are whipped!  I road from home basically the same route as the other two long rides to the hub:  30.9 miles; 3740 feet; 3:37 moving time;  1461 calories -
I pushed hard in my bigger ring most of the ride.   Was really having flying fun downhill!   Met my training buddy, Doug at the trail head - and he is an animal rider and climber - so I can see him going soooo slowly waiting for me... ;-) bless his heart - but he is patient and needs his recovery rides and he really helps me push myself.  I am not sure I could do this without him.  So, thank you, Doug!

So let me go see what my coach has for me the rest of this week.  For anybody stuggling to get off the couch, I swear, the beggining is the hardest part!!! Once you get started and see results and do something like start a blog or join Stava, it becomes so much fun!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday - LA test HR 166ish

Okay - so I finally did my best on this Lactic test that I know nothing about!  I hope my coach is okay with it.
I really prefer to do in the dirt (because as Lou says, "it's more fun") - It has been a long week.  Dani should be having her baby any day now.  My first time in my life I have taken something this seriously and having fun with training and trying to eat right.
Wonder if I can catch my friend Doug?  Or Marwan?  - doubful! 
I would be happy with keeping up a bit with those guys!
Tomorrow supposed to rain, but hope I can do the long ride on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!
Lost 2 pounds!

Friday 11-11-11

6:30 a.m. gym -
at office
Going to hit the mountain!!!!!!!!!

Thursday - One hour spin bike

Thursday was a long day! -
Work; gym; meetings and driving on freeways!
cracked my iphone picking up dog poop and spent three hours the apple store!
Now setting up the new iphoneS!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday! One hour spin bike!

I am feeling tired and excited all at the same time.  I had a 5:00 doctor deposition tonight and thanks to my friend Chris (my videographer) for commenting on how nice my arms looked!Wow - and it's only been two weeks of working out. 

I am feeling pretty hungry and weary of eating too much.  But for me, burning an additional 500 plus calories every day is showing a difference! 
I am going to try and do the LA test in the morning, but sort of feel WIPED out - lol ...

So lucky  and so grateful!   Hopefully Rhys will be here soon, my poor daughter is very tired of being pregnant!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Nov 8, 2011 - You get back what you put in!

Hi friends,
My day started about 4:30 a.m. - I was at the office at 6:00; training at gym with the best trainer, Mikey!
He can sure come up with some strange, but fun, ways of working core and arms! -
After that I drove right home and jumped on the spin bike for 45 minutes.  Then off to Land Rover to get  help putting in the baby car seat for River and off to Oxnard.   It was so fun to see Danielle and River.  We went to lunch and the doctor.   I could not  be more proud of my daughter!   She is such a great mother.
River is smart and always happy!   Showed her how to work the new double stroller I got them and it is cool!   This working out is feeling pretty good -

I feel my diet is a struggel because I am suddendly very confused about what is good and not good for us!
Lose the wheat, lose the weight?  what?  i thought wheat was good for us?  I had a 6:30 p.m. meeting and just got home. 

Need to find time to do my lactic acid test for Coach Lou - it will be hard, so I need a day! Rain is coming, so may be doing in-door training. 

Being new at all of this is a struggle at first! My house is a mess because I don't have time to fit in work and training ( not yet anyway) - but I will -

My next goal is losing ten pounds!

good night

Monday, November 7, 2011

Super tired this morning!

Well, first time I could not get up at 5:00 a.m.!  I was so tired.  Not sure if it was the climbing on Saturday, the 100 minutes on the stationary bike and no carbs?  You would think the hard part is just doing the work!
But really pacing yourself and balancing your diet, career, taking care of the dog, being a mother, grandmother, and being sure I get to meetings --- phew!  I have a lot to learn! 

So happy my coach is back in town and glad I am getting a good semi-early start at training.  Tonight I bought my daughter and Noah a double stroller and taking it to her tomorrow.   I am so grateful that I can help them out in some way.  I would rather be babysitting River, but I hvae to work and it's a long drive in traffic -- and, of course, the kids are very supportive of my training and biking and they will be there at the finish line for me in April.  I may have to get them a motor home! ;-) -

So today was a "rest day" I never sat down, but oh, well !

Sunday, November 6, 2011

La Ruta!

I am happy to report my coach on her way home from her four days of endurancing in La Ruta!
It was really exciting for me to follow such and event and know the top rider! 

Counting Coup is no La Ruta, to say the least, but I plan to give it all I got - And thankful to have La Ruta Lou as my coach!!!

Saturday ride - Zuma to Backbone - Sunday 100 minutes spin bike

Great ride and hard.  My first time doing this climb.  Total miles was 11.9 - with 3000 feet of elevation!
I was in my smallest gear most of the time, excepting coming down, of course!  Thank you, Doug for going with me and patiently waiting.   This is the exact type of training climb I need for my race.

So sad to hear that a road rider was killed when he crashed on Las Flores yesterday on a celebration ride.
My prayers are with his friends and family!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Core day with Mikey

6:30 a.m. at the gym sharp with my trainer.   Yesterday got a way from me and I got out on my bike late in the day.
If you live around Santa Monica, you the three b****** going up from Chalon to Westridge.  I road them twice and up Westridge dirt.  Not many miles, but some nice steep climbing.

I have two places that the stitches are sticking out of my cut?   Trying to get an xray for my Jones Fracture, since the last time I was there they said there was NO healing happening!  So what's up with that?

Tomorrow I am looking forward to riding a nice climbing ride with my buddy Doug who is training for Vision Quest ---

Just saw that my coach too 2nd in La Ruta today!  I am so lucky to know her!  She really gives me a lot of hope and very supportive.  I just know I would not be even training for Counting Coup, if not for Louise Kobin!!!!
Go Lou!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stitches not doing well - survival to see the miracles!

Today is Wednesday and it is supposed to be my interval hill repeat training day (hard day) One of the stitches that is supposed to dissolve, has popped out.  But what can I do? Go to my doctor and tell him what I have been doing since that crash?  Riding 100 miles on my mt bike - and working out at the gym.
I am not letting a gash in my leg hold back my training.  I cannot afford to waste that time. Good thing I am older and dont' care about scaring!

I may try it this afternoon the intervals this afternoon.   I think the sit-up chair ab work put too much pressure on the cut in my leg  yesterday, as it was very painful yesterday, swollen and stitch out.  Goes to show that I should be lifting with my ab muscles, aka, muffin top, rather than my shins!
I feel sore in a good way today in the abdomen area, not too much, just enough to know that I did something.  I am surprised I feel I am working arms, but feel no soreness?
Never believed the doctors when they said there are actually muscles behind that belly of mine.

Off to take my expecting-a-baby any day daughter to the doctor this morning.   What an honorable day!
I must never forget that I was told I would never see her turn 16 and drive a car, graduate from high school, go off to college, etc -- the fact is she is 27 and having her second baby.  Every day I am breathing is a gift.  That I have survived long enough to see one grand baby is a miracle!

And thank you, Danielle, for supporting me in this ride in April   - because it is going to be taking the majority of my time to train.  Grandma hood may be a bit slacking - sorry -  My life has changed to being accepted to ride this ride, which may not seem like a lot to some - but certainly very scary for me.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

6:30 a.m. with Mikey at the gym !

I spent my hour this morning with Mikey working on abs, arms and back.  6:30 a.m. - nice way to start the day.   Mikey has quite a job ahead of him preparing me for a tough ride, my first endurance race - and get rid of my muffin top!
I am happy my office is right here and I am here working since 7:30 a.m. ---

Sending positive thoughts to Coach L who is starting her four stages of La Ruta tomorrow!
I think it is something like 70 miles and 14000 feet of climbing - I cannot even imagine and darting frogs? jungles and volcanoes --go Lou!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meantime, I will be spinning tonight and taking my daughter, who is expecting her baby any day, to doctor tomorrow!
Thank gosh my office manager is coming back too! 

Keeping my life in balance and fun is important and not always easy!