Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day MTB Paseo Miramar x 2 - 43miles 7300 feet of climbing -

Paseo x 2 - President's Day MTB ride by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

Solo mountain bike ride today - 43 miles and close to 7300 feet of climbing.  Funny the strava shows another 900 calories burned - I think I will believe Strava.  Come on, Garmin!! lol - I rode for 5.5 hours, that has to be more than 1000 calories?

It was a perfect day, little chilly.   I have a big week and off to see my brother in Atlanta.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Photos from ride 2-15-13 -

                                   Will Roger's house was here -
                                            Veiws were amazing
                                                    green hornet is waiting
                                                   one banana one egg
                                       cheryl on phone
                                       derek got me started on this tough climb
                                         me at my happy hub
                                         Does not get better than today
                                          Friends for life
                                                Moots and Hornet
                                               Trails to ride

30 miles and bonus ST with Tessa by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

30 miles and bonus ST with Tessa by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

fun last minute ride with my friend Tessa - she is super strong and she loves to explore - so we really took advantage of a Friday girls' ride!.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

MTB Endurance ride - Paseo; Trippet; Hub; Westridge - Photos on a beautiful day

                                              someone was watching me
                                              Parker Mesa Overlook
                                                  ahh - living in Santa Monica
                                           green hornet is resting
                                             does it get any better?

MTB Endurance; Paseo; Hub; ST hill repeat by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

MTB Endurance; Paseo; Hub; ST hill repeat by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

It was a perfect day to ride out from home last minute without a plan.  I found my way to Paseo Miramar via PCH and Sunset;   Trippet Ranch; Hub: Westridge; few single track hill repeats - then back up the 1st bitch off Chalon.
I saw a lot of deer, bluebird, and nature was in full glory! - Four hours of easy pace riding. listening and taking in the beautiful views and wondering how I am so blessed.
Lydia, Petra, Tracy and Danielle - are holding down the office and the house. Tracy got my car detailed, filled the tank, bought me three cases of water - dry cleaning - and dog care.  Lydia, Petra and Dani are holding down the business.   And, of course, my depos are cranking out in a timely fashion with Janet and Sheila, my right hands for 20 years.  Without those two women, I would be working at Taco Bell!

The donations for Cycle for Survival are now at $2435 in 48 hours.  I am overwhelmed with how many people care about me.

I think I may not be eating enough, because I am feeling dizzy often and feel like I may just pass out.   Marwan mentioned that with all the extra calories I am burning, I may not be eating enough?  Saw Dr. Spector today and BP was 101 over 70 - he took a lot of blood and we will see.

I have a new coach this year and excited to see what happens.  Lots of training between now and Leadville in August.

I need to make appointment with my oncologist to put my mind at ease.

It's nice to be alive!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

MTB Endurance ride Low HR 39 miles 5213 feet - fun and cold

Untitled by stenogrl at Garmin Connect - Details

I did a solo ride in the Santa Monica's - I realized at the hub that back water bottle had fallen off.  So I only had one small bottle of water.  Headed back to Nike to refill and had to ride near the watering hole.   It was cold, sunny and beautiful.  Seems I can pace myself better when riding solo - otherwise, my ego is chasing my fast friends.

A great weekend of training!