Friday, February 20, 2015

Five years today - I miss you, mother -

Five years ago today my mother, at 68, moved on and she had been ill for some years with MSA (multiple systems atrophy) horrible, horrible disease. This year I seem to be finding myself a little angry that she is not here and missing so much. Then I remind myself of the multiple myeloma in my life and who knows if I will be around at 68 either. So thanks to my wonderful sister in Portland, she is calling all five siblings this morning at 7:30 and putting us on a conference call, since we are spread all over the place now.
I am going to Snug Harbor for my mom's favorite breakfast: strawberry waffles and bacon. My mother raised us, primarily, as a single mom. My dad is still alive, but I don't really know him and that breaks my heart, too. Growing up without a father in my life was -- well, just that - I only know I had no father figure.
There is no crystal ball, friends. We only have today, this minute -- Love what you have and not what you 'want'! I am grateful to be having breakfast this morning with my siblings from, GA, OR, and WA via phone! wink emoticon - Then I am heading out a mountain bike ride for some peace.
I got sober on my mother's birthday, six months before she died, to the day. I believe it was her gift to me and my respect for my mother to remain sober, one day at a time. It is very special having her save my life as she was ending hers. I could not ask for more.
Happy Friday. And many thanks to my cycling friends for helping me keep my life together. You all know who you are. Debbie Henderson Steckler Stephanie Sampson Babb Bruce Henderson John Henderson Danielle Echavarria
Love and Peace - cp

Monday, February 16, 2015

Bucket list

Sunday, February 15, 2015

2-15-15 - 43-mile mountain bike ride- My second real day post-surgery - Will be six weeks on Tuesday!

Hot MTB climbing today - Thank you for riding with me Stacey!

  • 43.4mi
  • 5:37:23
     Moving Time
  • 5,423ft
  • 62W
    Estimated Avg Power
  • 1,249kJ
    Energy Output
Elapsed Time

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Testing the cough and the climbing after surgery and mean virus!

                                                Westridge - Santa Monica - Feb 2015