Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nine days ! Leadville 100 MTB

I have been busy enjoying Colorado and training.  This will be my first mountain endurance event over 50 miles and I have never ridden a mountain bike 100 miles.   I have met so many new friends here.

I miss my family and my dog very much!   The altitude is very tiring, but I think I am finally adjusting.  Today I rode up Columbine, which was my third time.  It's a grueling 10 mile climb up to nearly 13K feet.  The air is cold and crisp.  The clouds are something I cannot describe.  Every morning when I wake up feeling nervous, I remind myself of how lucky I am to be alive and have this experience.

I also seem to have collected much more "stuff" than I brought.   So moving from place to place is exhausting, to say the least.  Nutrition is something I still struggle with.  It's just nearly impossible to know what's going to work and how much I can eat while riding 100 miles and climbing 13K feet.

Here are some photos from today.

                                                  TOP OF THE WORLD - COLUMBINE

Monday, July 1, 2013

50 miles in Leadville today

I am a little too tired to write much.   I met some new friends yesterday and we all teamed up this morning for a group ride led by Art Flemming.   I rode the course to the end of the single track on Pipeline.  It is about 3 miles to Twin Lakes from where we turned to come back.  About 37 miles to that point.  

I was feeling really tired, but having a bit of a headache from the altitude.   I am thrilled I got to see so much of the trail my first day here.

Powerline is not nearly as technical as I thought it would be.  You have to be careful and slow down, but it is all rideable and Art told us that by race day with so many riding the trail, it will be a clear path down.   Going back up it looks like a monster as we get there after 80 miles.

I need some sleep.

Day 1 training in Leadville, CO

Day 1 - training ride.

Nice people here --met a few women and they were here for the run and want to MTB - so we are meeting this morning. Then I met Colin and Erin from Tulsa. He is here for training camp. he has ridden LV a few times and agreed to play tour guide today. 

My plan for today is to see how I do (not fast pace) just checking out the course from start to Twin Lakes and back on 24, around 56 miles or so and check our that famous downhill Lauren Mulwitz loves so much called Powerline - Little tired and congested from the altitude - only been one night in LV, so I hope that improves. Training camp big rides are not until Friday and Saturday, which will cover the entire 100-mile course - 50 each day. I think I get to ride with Rebecca (queen of pain) -

My room is a bit small at the B&B - but it's cozy and clean. I ahve my own entrance and bath. I am two blocks from the start of the race!