Friday, September 11, 2015

New hair style

Photos from Mammoth Labor Day

Labor Day weekend mountain biking!

Mammoth Grand Fondo tomorrow - 102 miles -

Hi friends and family -

I have been in Mammoth for over a week training a few days on the mountain bike and then five days with the CTS training camp on the road bike.  It has been difficult and challenging at altitude.  I am not used to a road bike or the altitude. I rode a few hard days this week, pushing a 10.5 mile climb that was 3500 feet..  Thank you, God for giving me such a beautiful life!

Tomorrow we roll out at 7:00 a.m. My legs are tired, but I love my new coach and feel I learned a lot this week about drafting and riding with power to get me through tomorrow.

I just remind myself that I am so grateful I am alive and cancer did not win.  So I GET to ride my bike and I am blessed to be here!  And when it gets tough, my mantra "easier than cancer" - Please send me positive thoughts tomorrow!  I am nervous and excited.  I really want to do well.