Sunday, June 28, 2015

Breckenridge CTS mountain bike camp June 2015

-This week has been beautiful.  I traveled with my friend Eric Zubick to recon for the Breck Epic bike race on August 9th.

It is beautiful here and I met many new friends! - I will upload photos and more ride reports when I get back.

Flying  back late tonight out of Denver.  Highly recommend Breck Guide Bikes

I rode technical terrain I never thought was possible on a 29er and loved the seat dropper.

Danielle is having her colon removed on July 19th and everything will depend on how she does as to whether I come back in August to race in Colorado.   Noah's parents will be taking care of the kids and Noah will be taking time off work.  We are all going to the pre op tomorrow so I can learn more about this.  I am happy this will be then end of her suffering for several years with UC.

I would love to live here in the summer.  The altitude makes it tough to climb in these mountains.

On a very sad note, my dear friend Angela, lost her son at age 27 to lung cancer two days ago.

He has been in pain for a year and he fought hard.  God, please help his mother through grief that I cannot even begin to imagine.

Oh, and the nipple tattoos I got last Monday are doing great.  I am so happy I did it.