Saturday, October 26, 2013

I am back

It has been a long time since I have posted.  This is due to some unfortunate circumstances that have caused me to feel quite uncomfortable doing so.   Blogging for myself, my family and friends is wonderful.  However, it is public and this can present a problem if only one person makes it difficult for me. 

I have not been training much and working too much.

Oddly, I have had several people reach out to me lately that are going through serious medical issues.  I am not sure if I can inspire anybody to just hang on and to never give up, but I have any chance of doing that, it's here on my blog.   So I will not let one person ruin this for me and I hope to be back blogging more regularly.

I recently purchased my first cyclocross bike!   Not even been on it yet.  Photo attached.  Today should be the day. 

I sent a mountain bike to Keith, my nephew in WA and he loves mountain biking.   He is flying here in December, where we hope to ride as much as possible for two weeks and spend the holidays together.

I was tested in September for the MM and it is showing the same as in March.  This is scary, very scary for me.   Tells me that the cancer is returning, at least slowly.   Like all of us, stress is a killer.

We will be doing more regular blood work and keeping an eye on it.  

If the person who I tried to block and could not is reading this is (and you know who you are) please, leave me alone.   Please do not come near me if you see me on a trail.  I have said it many times:  I am uncomfortable.

Photos of my life since August are attached.